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mapleave's Journal

Maple Avenue // Graphics By Kirra + Kristen
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Welcome to mapleave, a community entirely devoted to the art/fic/other stuff of kirra (onlydreamin_g) and kristen (serve_up).


1. The two c's of eternal love and sunshine: comment and credit. :)
2. Please be nice. We love everybody, and when somebody doesn't love us back, we tend to lull ourselves into a state of insecurity, which involves a lot of chocolate-covered popcorn and the fetal position, and...it's just very painful.
3. I just kind of wanted to put this here because only having two rules is a little pathetic.


If you want to friend us, like singular kristen and kirra, please do. but we're not like, presumptuous or anything. and we're certainly not desperate. *shakes head* definitely not. buuut, if you'd like to affiliate with our community (again, not presumptuous or desparate), comment on a post or something like that. hot communities tend to run in packs, eh? *winks*


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our userinfo banner was whipped up by the beautiful iheartdcoke. thanks again.